Welcome to the website for the AHRC Network Future Voices of Scottish Science Fiction and Fantasy.

This AHRC-funded network privileges under-represented Scottish voices of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) working across different media (literature, gaming, film, art), with an emphasis on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities as well as practitioners with disabilities. In these dramatic times, we ask how creative practitioners imagine future worlds and respond to rapidly-changing global circumstances (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic), concerns and anxieties (e.g. as expressed in the Me Too or Black Lives Matter movements) through SFF writing/art/creativity. 

The Network is the first step towards building a strong collaboration between academics, creative practitioners, fans, and stakeholders, with a view to contributing to the agenda and conversations leading up to Worldcon 2024 (the annual international gathering of SFF fans and creative practitioners since 1939) in Glasgow.

Through four public online events, commissioned academic responses, and online discussions, the Network examines the ways in which contemporary SFF practitioners visualize the future, build worlds, and bring their diverse voices to momentous global changes through the lens of SFF creativity. Concurrently, the Network explores how the work and voices of these practitioners and their fans can shape and be shaped by current theoretical debates on intersectionality, inclusivity, and diversity.

Principal Investigator: Dr Dimitra Fimi
Senior Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature, University of Glasgow
Co-Director, Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic

Co-Investigator: Prof Esther MacCallum-Stewart
Professor of Game Studies, Staffordshire University
Chair of Glasgow in 2024 Worldcon

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